Zack and amanda dating from paradise hotel

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Paradise Hotel became a summer hit in the US, and a similar show called Forever Eden was produced the following year, but didn't achieve the level of success that Paradise Hotel had received.

A second season followed four years later on My Network TV and Fox Reality Channel, both of which are sister networks to Fox.

10 years ago, I spent my summer filming and appearing as a contestant on FOX’s cult hit reality television show, Paradise Hotel.

Though I appeared on 29 of 30 episodes, and nearly won the show, I also embarrassed myself, was rejected on national TV, was associated with trashy guilty-pleasure television, and was subject to ridicule by the models and hunks on the show and their fans at home.

These are without a doubt the exact same people we all hated in high school, the ironic thing is that even though these people are in the mid to late 20's they still act like the a-holes in high school.With all the good shows on TV that people don't watch why would they think we would watch a bad show?Man its hard for me to even put into words just how bad this show is.It is crap like this that not only makes people hate reality shows, but also hate TV.How is it a game when there are no games to be played. This is what Fox executives think people want to watch.

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