Who is leonardo di caprio dating

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A woman who’s cool and can take a joke and doesn’t get offended and drinks beer?!?! Looks like Leonardo Di Caprio got close to a new blond model just in time for Christmas.Sources told us that Di Caprio and Agdal — who were first linked in 2014 — are dating again and spent a romantic weekend in the Hamptons. It’s what we’ve all wanted to know since Leonardo Di Caprio, the ultimate dreamboat of his generation, came of age. And Page Six thinks that fact, coupled with all the Greenwich golfing and stuff, makes her the perfect candidate to be Mrs. Or, y’know, his perfect companion for right now, anyway. According to Denniston International Architects & Planners Ltd., the firm in charge of designer the buildings on the 104-acre property, the place boasts 36 residential homes and 36 villas built with locally sourced materials to reduce emissions. Her latest whirlwind European trip included the Cannes Film Festival, with its red carpets and various after-parties; a Bvlgari event in Rome where she had a solo runway show on the Spanish Steps; and then a trip back to Cannes for a run-in with Joe Jonas at the am FAR Gala. News reports that serial model-dater Leonardo Di Caprio and Hadid are the hot new thing — but let's not get ahead of ourselves. The only evidence that points to a possible Di Caprio and Hadid rendezvous is the fact that they were both at Naomi Campbell's Fashion For Relief runway show.This summer, Di Caprio also took Agdal, who he began dating earlier this year, on a trip to visit the island of Over Yonder Cay.

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Recently, he executive produced and appeared in the documentary , which focused on global warming. “Take action by supporting these organizations on the front lines of this fight: @Indivisible Team @Stand Up America @NRDC.” Another major force in the world who is taking action following Trump‘s decision is Tesla founder Elon Musk, who had been serving on presidential councils.

Leonardo Di Caprio is one of the most outspoken celebrities on the issue of climate change and he’s reacting to President Trump‘s decision for the United States to exit the Paris Agreement.

The agreement was between 195 countries in a move to combat climate change and people around the world are slamming Trump‘s move as a big step backward.

Other sources tell the paper that Di Caprio and Agdal are still very much together and have plans to travel to St. A rep for Di Caprio said, “This story is totally false and completely made up by people claiming to be sources.” A 1Oak rep said, “It’s not true, he was there with all of his boys for a holiday party.” Click here for more in the New York Post.

Nina Agdal is a 24-year-old model who has been dating Leo Dicaprio since at least early July 2016, with reports in October of 2016 of them getting 'serious.' In August of this year, Leo was seen comforting Nina roadside after a scary car accident.

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