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Elvis is the reason I started singing and performing. SURVIVOR contestant you are most like: Stephenie from Palau because she's smart and a bad-ass.

Reason for being on SURVIVOR: It's the adventure of a lifetime, and I want to prove to everyone and myself that I can do whatever I set my mind to. Why you think you'll "survive" SURVIVOR: I'm smart, physically fit and not afraid of anything.

“Sometimes where one starts off is not where one ends up, which is a big theme for us on surpassed the four-million sales mark and “I Knew You Were Trouble” from the album hit three million.

Lady Antebellum has now sold more than six million copies of their career-changing 2009 single “Need You Now.” Singer Granger Smith is getting ready to do a whole lot of walking — in combat boots!

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Since 2011, the country newcomer has logged 200 miles in his boots as a way of paying tribute to those serving our country in the U. Granger’s journey culminates on April 11, where he’ll perform a concert.In Double Agent, Ozzy used a Hidden Immunity Idol on Whitney, but did not negate any votes against her.Also, the vote ended with a 6-6 tie between Keith and Rick, forcing a revote. Whitney Duncan was born on August 3, 1984 in Scotts Hill, Tennessee, a town consisting of only 900 people.Her father is a state environmentalist and her mother is a schoolteacher. Duncan began singing at her church, later performing in local talent shows, fairs, and festivals.

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