What real world cast members are dating

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accidentally exposing their genitals to the camera and 2. I’ve never really interacted with a black girl enough to be able to get up and touch the hair.” He isn’t wearing a shirt for much of the episode and I know nothing else about him because, again, he isn’t wearing a shirt for much of the episode. Thomas, whose twin is somehow even more dead-eyed than he is, insists he’s “not a snobby rich kid,” which is of course Snobby Rich Kid code for “Hello, I am a snobby rich kid.” “I don’t drink dark liquor.” An elaborately tattooed bartender.cheating on their supposedly exclusive significant others. Her ex is in a band called Asking Alexandria, which, I don’t even care. Ashley, a “spoiled” West Virginia transplant, offers this inscrutable toast: “Here’s to all the guys we screw, I hope they love us, I hope they hate us, I hope they never want to fucking date us.” Okay.returning to their New York City loft this Sunday, Dec. PHOTOS: Reality TV's breakout stars The cast that comprised of seven strangers — Norman Korpi, Julie Gentry, Becky Blasband, Kevin Powell, Andre Comeau, Heather Gardner, and Eric Nies — made history in 1992, when the first season of Heather, Norman, and Julie reunite at their So Ho loft where they lived for three turbulent and eye-opening months — 22 years later.The trio takes a trip down memory lane as they reminisce about their filming experience, as well as being catapulted into the spotlight."We shot this show for 13 weeks," Gardner, now a hip-hop artist, says in the clip."We lived here, we hung out, we talked, we cried, we partied, we fought, and Eric [Nies] told us — even before MTV agreed to do this show — we were going to be huge." PHOTOS: Diem Brown's life — a look back at the MTV star's life "Filming the show was one experience," adds Gentry, now a married mom who still lives in Alabama.

Here are the 30 hottest broads to ever compete on the challenges. On shows stacked with heavy drinking and bed hopping, adorable Sarah had a tough time finding her groove.The first couple of seasons weren't much of an athletic contest, but each season MTV ups the ante in terms of money and physical demand.Each competition is more daunting than the last, and every season finishes with an endurance challenge that can literally last for days The fact that they can muster the strength to compete in these challenges after binge drinking and fighting with each other all night makes it all the more impressive.Among the "bad blood" pairs this season are former pals Peter and Mike, who had a falling out over a money loan.Meanwhile, exes Jennifer and Robbie had a tough split, as she still doesn't know why he suddenly ended things.

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