Updating your router

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Thankfully, this can be done easily and quickly, right at home. Wireless Internet connections are not reliable enough for firmware updates.Updating the firmware on the Asus Router: Youtube Support has a video for this process here: https://Follow the wiring like this, I use standalone power and a FTDI basic module with 3v3 setup: Remove the GPIO0 line to normal running mode Finally when the cloud updating mode is done, you don’t have enter into update mode anymore, just run AT commands to updating via online: remember to join your router for internet, and run AT CIUPDATE to get updates.If you don’t see “error” feedback (mostly case can be you didn’t connect to internet), you should see: 3. AT CIUPDATE CIPUPDATE:1 found server CIPUPDATE:2 connect server CIPUPDATE:3 got edition CIPUPDATE:4 start start OK Now here are the final version 00180902: The new updates include: AT update: Electrogragon offers millions of electronic prototyping components online!The router should provide a progress meter as it applies the new firmware update.

It's the one essential I can't imagine leaving behind at the wrong address.

The funny thing about my decision to write this article is that I am not really much of a router connoisseur.

The extent of my router explorations amounted to me walking into the computer store, selecting the second-cheapest router I could find (usually a Linksys), and calling it good.

It wasn’t until the moment when that firmware came up in the browser screen that I realized just how much that I had been missing all of these years. By wiping the Linksys default firmware and installing DD-WRT, I had unknowingly and unwittingly converted that cheap router pretty much into a super-router.

It is now capable of more things than I could have ever imagined.

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