Updating recepticle

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Is it sufficient to just upgrade the existing circuit breakers with 50 amp QP circuit breakers.

To increase the amp rating of your circuit breaker, you almost certainly need to increase the gauge of all the wiring on that circuit.

If I use my voltage tester I can see that the plugs are indeed 'hot', however they do not actually provide any juice.Update 2: I purchased a receptacle tester and the receptacles all show which seems to indicate that they are wired correctly. Update 3: Ok I plugged in the multimeter and it only goes to 30...to make sure my multimeter wasn't out of whack I plugged it into my working outlets and the needle went to 120V.With certain changes in the electrical code, it may be better to follow the guidance of the inspector and get your home up to code without making waves.Checking with the inspector in advance as to his or her recommendations for needed updates can save you agony when the inspector comes calling.

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