Updating db5

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Increased rear-seat space was the prime DB6 objective so the wheelbase was now 4" longer than before, resulting in an extensive restyle with more-raked windscreen, raised roofline and reshaped rear quarter windows.

Opening front quarter lights made a reappearance but the major change was at the rear where a 'Kamm tail' with spoiler improved the aerodynamics, greatly enhancing stability at high speeds.

The best thing for this is the sales catalog (ST 70 – 2005). Once you install the Step 7 software there will be a directory under the SIMATIC folder called Documentation that includes the most important manuals.

Hard copies can be ordered with number 6ES7810-4CA08-8BW1. There’s gold in that website if you just do a little digging!

This is a listing of tutorials and manuals found on the Siemens automation website that will get you started on the SIMATIC Step 7 software for S7-300 and S7-400 systems. There’s a lot of different stuff there thrown together and found in different spots with very long URL addresses to add to the confusion. The first thing I like to do with a new product is get an overview of everything.

From a new users perspective I’ve only heard disparaging comments about finding the right information on the Siemens’ website. Getting used to part numbers and product groupings can go a long way with your comfort level.

updating db5-46

updating db5-64

updating db5-11

Nice little touch to unlock the Parking lot challenge or as its called in-game "blast from the past" For those wondering the '68 camaro does appear with roof up but not with a steel hard-top version.

Edit: Give me a moment on the online part, I need to find the link again. I like the idea of a game with always online so that your hardware can be improved, as there is an actual reason for been online.

Edit 2: Here it is: The console itself will not be online-only, some games may be online-only, probably depends on if it's on disc or if it's digital-only, and if it's disk, online-only will likely be left up to the publisher/developer. It also means the xbox can upgrade PC style, but without the cost (I assume) and hassle.

I just got it, played it quite a bit and it is awesome, i love the shift feature just changing from car to car.

This is the first driver game ive ever played, havent ever played the others, and even if i had this would definitely be the best At least I thought I would get it today! The Nintendo 'console named after a bodily fluid' version seems to be based off of the engine from Driver Parallel Lines looking at the damage model & physics.

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