Tips dating 3rd shift

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Is there anyone else out there having trouble adjusting to 3rd shift?

After the academy I was assigned to 3rd shift for FTO.

Although the duties and responsibilities are no different for a nurse that works after the sun is down, the night shift (or shift work) does present unique challenges.

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I also stay up for a few hours when I get off to unwind and don't get up until about an hour before work, this seems to help me a little bit. THEY CONDUCT MIDNIGHT ROLL CALL WITH PILLOWS IN HAND AND GO OUT AND PARK IN THE WOODS AND GO NIGHTY NIGHT WHILE KEEPING THEIR EARS OPEN FOR RADIO CALLS.

C.-based overnight infant care agency Let Mommy Sleep said.

Learning how to adapt to a different sleep schedule is one of the hardest obstacles that a night shift nurse must overcome – especially since their sleeping pattern is one that is in reverse to the majority of the population, including their family and friends.

Then he went to work and brought me ice cream when he came home.

He stayed awake for 36 hours to make sure I was OK and had everything I needed, and completely pampered me while I recovered...

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