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Yeah, it’s an odd story but it pales in comparison to thousands of dating app anecdotes you can find via a quick Google search. It’s just another variable of the whole uncertain experience. There is a chance — however small — you’ll meet a legitimate long-term match on Tinder.As for the safety aspect: yes, you are opening yourself up to risky, weird and unpredictable encounters and at a faster pace than traditional dating methods. If you’re looking for other things, there’s a good chance you'll find that, too.- Online dating actually helps you in gaining access to a lot more options, especially if you find no one who interests you in your common friend group or your usual hangout places.You get the opportunity of knowing someone who probably stays in another continent altogether!When people ask why I’m sour on online dating, there's a story I tell. If you need a refresher, my last column explained how Tinder works and the fantastic — I’m being sarcastic here — selection of men in Hampton Roads who are eager for a swipe right. Drew, one of my first matches months ago, displayed decent photos: no dead animals or guns, didn’t look short and appeared happy-go-lucky. There was no urgency to message all the time or meet up. “PLEASE tell me you’re joking…”I never heard from Drew again.What happens next: you match, you message, and at some point you meet. As I came to know him, Drew was a human reservoir of amusing observations, like “Hi, I like TV-lit dinners and short walks to the fridge. ”He was the rare Tinder match who could hold a conversation. I imagine he still lives in Virginia Beach and has both hands, but his sudden disappearance might suggest a depression after losing an extremity. Whatever the case, I never felt the urge to text him again. In my limited experience, everyone is either wondering the same thing or has developed their own set of expectations.Let’s admit it, the world now lies at just the touch of our fingertips. But while shopping has become a lot easier with the coming of technology, online dating is tricky, to say the least.The laptop or mobile screen which you’re staring at right now can actually get you everything – right from your daily grocery to your lifetime partner! Isn’t it tough to judge a person, sitting thousands of miles away from you and hiding behind a screen, just like you?

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Are these valid reasons to decide someone’s date-worthiness? The simple problem-solving strategy of higher, faster and stronger is no longer attractive for many people.Tina is a coach at Weltverbesserer and works at the intersection of personal development and meaningful life building.- Online dating websites have this really cool system of targeting your search; you can easily filter the kind of guys you want to see. - Here comes the best part – you don’t have to put in a hell lot of efforts while dating online.No need to get dressed, no need to be nervous about how your date is going to turn out; just sit back in your PJs, binge on your favourite junk, and chat with a guy in the comfort of your home!

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