Star wars dating

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Winner gets a prize – maybe no dishes for a day or something a little more sexy .

Vegging out and watching movies is so nice, especially on Friday night after a long week.

In a galaxy far, far away -- or, depending on where you live, perhaps in a neighborhood in close proximity -- there's a host of single "Star Wars" lovers ready to mingle, wine, dine and steal your heart forever.

A research team at Match mined the dating website's extensive database to determine the cities populated with the most single "Star Wars" fans.

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. Me-sah not-ah going to see theesa beega waste-ah time blinky blinky money grabba.I'm very excited about Clone Wars because I have all the episodes.I was VERY unimpressed with General Grievous because in Clone Wars he kicked some major A$$, until he faced Windu. I thought if they would've transitioned him correctly from Clone Wars, he probably would've put up a better fight against Kenobi.Choose from one of six hetero speed dating sessions or one for LGBT.If the Rebels can blow up the Death Star in 11 minutes, let’s see if you can make a love connection in only three.

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