Sexy automated chat

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A beautiful reveal of the 787-10 #Dreamliner from #Boeing South Carolina!View more photos at CMEo #avgeek Kf Hy Q3f N— Boeing Airplanes (@Boeing Airplanes) February 17, 2017What's more, the aviation services on-board these new aircraft are stepping up their game too.Infrastructure is key to maintaining safe, efficient, people-friendly cities, but it’s not the most alluring topic.

Turkish Airlines, for example, serves meals from international world cuisine as part of its “Flying Chef” service.

I like that in chatbot world, misspellings are used to make sexy robots seem more real: Well i beenn doing these shows with my webcaam its soo fun and i love meeting new people andd i haave a free pass lefft want to come keep me company? No thank you my is so simple i can let u usse my pass buuttt ii need you to give me a reallllly greaaatttt rating so i can get more but don't worry i'll earn it (smiley face) ok??

You know, I can't figure out whether you're a) a chatbot, or b) a human who's working with a pre-set script that is sufficiently rigid that you "appear" to be a chatbot.

But ask a dozen hiring managers and you may get a dozen variations on that theme. They'll be so annoying about the data sets they want and the introductions they need that they'll drive you crazy," he said.

In counterpoint to all this are those who say that the data scientist shortage has been overblown.

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