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She arranges the dates before or after classes at school "so my mom thinks I'm spending time in the lab or have an extra class of some kind at the university." The chat rooms range from a handful that are endorsed by religious authorities and provide matchmaking services for Iranians seeking marital partners, to more liberal secret ones that cater covertly to straight and gay Iranians.

"What we do in Iran is a big service, sometimes including sacrifices, given the risks we occasionally take," the founder of one such site told Al-Monitor.

I lingered, unsure what to do, aware of the many people around us and the police just across the street, before thinking ‘fuck it’ and pulling her into an alleyway for a cheeky kiss.

She had to leave, of course, and I had plans to check out Iranian Kurdistan.

You have been married to this man for seven years, so there is something disturbing about your gnawing fear that you’re with someone whose long-term plan is to kidnap you and your child.

You say you completely trust him, yet you are overwhelmed with worry, so you two are at a stalemate. : Our child recently flew to overnight camp, and we arranged for my in-laws to pick him up from the airport.

It had taken four days of hitchhiking to get to Tehran and I was still getting used to a country where I had yet to see another backpacker.

I had accepted that backpacking Iran was going to be a very different experience to traveling in any other country I had visited before.

I am married to a man who is originally from the Middle East. In the last few months he has been asking me to go back to his country of origin to visit his family and introduce me and our daughter to them.

I had yet to see anybody drinking or smoking and, so far, the only girls I had seen had been hidden deep within the endless black folds of heavy chadors. I messaged her with the best chat up line I could think of. We sat in a cafe, her blue hair peeking out from beneath her green hijab; a compulsory garment for all women in Iran.

I expected to have to keep my head down, and to abstain from sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll. So I turned to Tinder, curious to see if any local girls would be online. Esme told me of her adventures backpacking in the Philippines, of her career as a vet, of her hopes that a softening of laws and attitudes is coming to Iran.

Me, Esme, and her sister camping in the Northern forests. I LAY IN MY SLEEPING BAG, the cold barely kept at bay.

I had entered Iran during the depths of winter and was beginning to wonder if this had been a mistake.

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