Saturday night live dating game

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And the German professor blurted he was scared of “getting throat cancer from cunnilingus.” He went on to tell everyone with various slang words for “eating” and “vagina” that “if I chow down on one more little donut, I’ll end up like Michael Douglas.” And with that Lisa G.

had to pick the one man with whom she wanted to go out on a date.

asked Benedict, the German professor, “What would you do to make me feel special,” prompting the game show’s host to warn the bachelorette that she had “just walk[ed] into traffic.” The professor began to answer that he would “lay down a beach towel on top of the sheets, so you wouldn’t feel self-conscious,” but before he could finish talking, the host pressed a buzzer to drown out the rest of his answer.

At the end of the game, the three bachelors were asked to reveal their “biggest fear.” The glass eye guy said he was afraid of a bee in his hat, while the Best Buy employee admitted he feared ghosts.

In "Celebrity Jeopardy", Ben Stiller is hilarious as Tom Cruise and Jimmy Fallon does a good Adam Sandler. " (based on a cross between Star Trek and Space 1999) some of the questions have wit.

I also liked the line about the prize Dial a Blank Electro-Shock Kit - "So effective, you won't remember you own one".

Chappelle took heat for taking time in his set to criticize Hillary Clinton—before admitting that he voted for her (in a swing state, no less). Even when Chappelle’s Show was a cultural phenomenon—before Chappelle himself shockingly walked away from it because, as he explained, he felt he was losing control of his message—trying to put Dave Chappelle’s restless comic genius in a safe little box never worked.

He took heat for trying to find a more complicated explanation for Trump’s sexist bullshit—while calling it sexist bullshit. Mixing high comedy and low, brashness with subtle insight, caricature with provocation, the show was a restless heat-seeker where race and sex and celebrity and politics were deconstructed without regard to audience expectations.

At its best, and with Chappelle at its center, it was going for the best laugh. In talking about Saturday Night Live’s political satire, Lorne Michaels and others have held up the idea of “going for the laughs wherever they exist” as the show’s guiding principle.

In "Jackie Rogers Jr's 0,000 Jackpot Wad", Billy Crystal does an accurate Sammy Davis Jnr, and Martin Short is a campy buck-toothed host.

In "Dysfunctional Family Feud", Phil Hartman is amusing as the Dad.

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