Safety tips for online dating

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Like most parents, my husband and I constantly worry over the safety and well being over our children, and have been doing so since before they were born.

While expecting our sons, I began eating healthy, faithfully followed doctors orders, and eagerly read through all the parenting magazines trying to ensure a healthy baby. Getting ready to bring home baby makes you see your home in a whole new way. Seemingly innocuous items like the mini-blinds suddenly became choking hazards! Don't even get me started on proper feeding, medications, and the ever present threat of germs (I actually kept hand sanitizer handy for all those visitors that wanted to hold my baby).

The anonymous cruel messages kept coming - some from complete strangers.

Greg, an obese high school student, was changing in the locker room after gym class.

You have probably heard of someone’s computer being hacked, his or her identity being stolen online, or even having some embarrassing pictures posted online. Well, if you use the following Internet safety tips, you have a good chance of being right.

Don’t tell anyone your real name and address or what neighborhood you live in.

Here’s the general rule: Don’t give out any information that a predator could possibly use to find you.

The Federal Trade Commission says that even “small clues” like what school you attend or the name of your athletic team is enough for a predator to figure out your identity.

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