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But she really got a lot of attention in 2005 when she got the role of spoiled heiress London Tipton in the Disney Channel Original Series, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.

In 2006, she got her first starring role in the Disney Channel Original Movie Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior.

Hobbies: Drawing Favorite Sports: Swimming, volleyball Marital Status: single Nationality: Thai and Norway Family: Only child Dramas Ruen Naree See Chompoo with Surint Karawoot (Woot) (Ch.3 2006) Ma Nee Din with Kong Saharat Sangkapricha (Ch.3 2007) Champoo Garm Marm with Not Vorarit Fuangarome (Ch.3 2008) Kuan Kammathep with Tye Nattapol Leeyawanich (Ch.3 2009) Wan Jai Gub Nai Jom Ying with Smart Krissada Pornweroj (Ch.3 2010) Kularb Rai Glai Ruk with Grate Warintorn Panhakarn (Ch.3 2011) Likit Sanae Ha with Grate Warintorn Panhakarn (Ch.3 2011) Mam Gaem Daeng with Chakrit Yamnarm (Krit) (Ch.3 2012) Pan Rai Phai Ruk with Film Rattapoom Toekongsap (Ch.3 2013) Fah Krajang Dao 2013 with Boy Pakorn Chatborirak (Ch.3 2013) Ruk Nee Jhe Jud Hai with Rome Patchata Nampan (Ch.3 upcoming) Fai Nai Wayu 201?

Brenda started out as a child fashion model in San Francisco, but caught the eye of a talent agent and was soon doing commercials.

Dengan 1 amat amat sangat membosankan, dan 10 amat amat sangat disukai menyenangkan tidak membosankan. What exactly do you mean by new, different, and exciting because from my point of view I still see dating your best friend as new because it is different because your dating your best friend which you wouldn t of ever thought doing an exciting dating your best friend gives you something to look forward to everyday, you never know what you are going to find out about someone you thought you knew EVERYTHING about .

; born 11 September 1981 in Los Angeles, California) is an American-born Thai actress and model.

Poochom – the ex boyfriend – cheated on Arunprapai and made the third party pregnant.

Arunprapai knows Poochom has new responsibilities and a relationship between them is now impossible.

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