Restore iphone without updating

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If you are getting errors trying to restore in i Tunes, DFU mode is very likely for you. Recovery mode has a picture that says connect to i Tunes.

In DFU mode, the i Phone screen backlight is not even on and the display is blank. Try adjusting the 10 seconds to be slightly less like 9 seconds, then 8, then 7.

An earlier coverage on this topic referred to how you can recover your i Phone or i Pad (or i Pod Touch) when you have forgotten the passcode.

With appropriate backups taken, you can easily restore your device and bypass the passcode requirement.

The Yalu jailbreak for i OS 10 – i OS 10.2 is currently in the beta stages and contains a number of issues that could create problems on your device and in extreme cases, force it into a continuos bootloop.

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The method involves using Copy Trans Shelbee which is compatible with all i OS devices including the i Phone 7 and all i OS versions including i OS 10.

As long as you're connected to Wi-Fi and a power source and your screen is locked, your photos, text messages, apps, and everything in-between gets safely stored to your i Cloud account.

But if those three criteria aren't met and your i Phone ends up getting lost, stolen, or broken, then you're left with an outdated i Cloud backup that might not contain all of your latest media, data, and settings.

Restoring an i Cloud backup isn't as straightforward as backing it up—there is no "Restore" button anywhere in the settings.

Here’s how you can remove the i OS 10 – i OS 10.2 Yalu jailbreak using i Cloud without restoring to the latest firmware.

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