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Also, we attract a great number of members through referrals.This is one of our greatest strengths." The Atlasphere The Atlasphere�s mission is to bring together admirers of Ayn Rand�s novels, from around the globe, to network both personally and professionally.People who are “deep readers,” that is, they read with intention that allows them to identify with and take journeys with the characters involved, are more likely to be empathetic human beings.Unfortunately, this type of reader is becoming less and less common in today’s world of quick information and abbreviated language.Through attachment to the characters they’ve followed, they experience joy and suffering that many people never relate to.The personalities of characters in fictional literature are not whole, and this challenges a reader to understand the thought processes of those characters.In a bid to save others from a similar fate, Macdonald, co-founder of literary review website The Omnivore, decided to branch out into a dating service that matches couples according to their tastes in books.If there is now a dating site for every demographic, The Omnivore’s resulting “pin ups” section seems to be aimed at the “intello-hipster”, an urban subgroup who know their Dickens from their Deleuze and like their profile pictures sepia-tinged.

At Book Lover Dating, we understand how the satisfying feeling of finishing a really good read can be quickly overtaken by the excitement of starting the next great book.

Members are recruited through intelligent publications. We use a rotating advertising schedule in publications such as The New York Review of Books, Harpers, and the like.

Thus we attract a well-read individual who is seeking to connect with other well-read individuals.

Meet 30-year-old Richard from London, who when asked which book he would give someone he was trying to impress responds: “I’m about to give Umberto Eco's Foucault’s Pendulum to a girl who reads Dan Brown novels...

It’s so meta that after reading it, you question how many layers of reality there are in the world, and if they are in fact the same as layers of narrative or indeed, irony.” Or Jaspreet from Cambridge on the last book he read: “I just finished some of the Récits en rêves of Yves Bonnefoy, the most distinguished living French poet.

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