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This list of the top current and cancelled China Central Television TV series includes the date when each show first aired, as well as which actors starred in the show.

The best China Central Television TV programs of all time include the most viewed shows on China Central Television, as this list covers the entire history of the network.

If and when I have the time, you'll see bits of it re-emerging perhaps.

In the meantime, there are some new developments with the news pages in the next few weeks as my new project starts taking shape - eventually this blog will be no more, but I hope you'll support the new venture in the same way!! Em All news items are translated by Em and are the product of her time and energy.

Inspired by the true story known as the Mekong Massacre--two Chinese commercial vessels are ambushed while traveling down the Mekong River in the waters of the Golden Triangle, one of the largest drug-manufacturing regions in the world.

13 sailors are executed at gunpoint, and 900,000 methamphetamine pills are recovered at the scene.

This list contains only TV series on the China Central Television network, even ones that are no longer on the air.

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He is a righteous supervisor that will resort to unethical tactics in order to restore the identities of his undercover subordinates who have gone missing and deemed by the police department to have strayed to the criminal side.

When he finds his friend Hong To Hang, a fellow Chief inspector in the CIB unit, thrown off a building under mysterious circumstances, he learns from Hong's dying words that there are moles within the police force working for the triads.

Remembering Hong's warning against trusting anyone in the police force, Hoi keeps Hong's last words hidden from his superiors.

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