R java file not updating

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Relax, it's like that old mistake when you first learned programming C where you forget one semicolon and it generates a hundred errors.Many panic, press all the buttons, and makes things worse.I read dozens of answers and only this one mentioned checking for SDK Build-tools. When I checked it out I found that the name of the XML resource under layout was not having the correct naming convention. So I renamed it to make all letters lowercase and the magic worked. I had an file in the layout folder with a capital in it, and my entire filed was missing/ would not generate because of it.I blindly let eclipse download and install all my Android tooling when it offerred to do so. The only way to know that was to realize that the naming convention didn't allow a capital; no errors were generated.When naming resource files or attributes, try naming it as like u name a variable in Java. id,drawable,xml file names with a public static final constant matters, so putting "-" , "special character" would lead to stop generating R, as those symbols may have other arithmetic means. A file in my res/xml referred to a layout file that didn't exist, and apparently this causes to not be generated, so if I run Clean, that caused a missing R.java, resulting in hundreds of import errors...One reason the R.class can go missing suddenly is when there are errors in you XML files.

It start shouting tools folder not found in SDK folder .

So I need to download the SDK again and update the ADT plugin to 21.1 . At last I open Android SDK Manager to see if any thing missing from installed packages, and found "Android SDK Built-tools" is not installed.

3 So I think some time there is problem in ADT plugin , So keep it update correctly or reinstall it will works if nothing else works .

Before that i don't remember what versions i used, but eclipse and android studio used to work fine.

Searched for not generated over stackoverflow and some other googled websites but my problem is not resolved.

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