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But here is some stiff but true stuff too: sexual energy is essential in human reproduction, bonding and survival of species but it can also destroy a person, a couple, a family and even an entire civilisation.The opposite poles of delight versus destruction have perplexed the world’s greatest religious and social thinkers.

Leisure Suit Larry games were popular in the early 1990s.

Or at least it looked that way -- but in fact the Steelers' disastrous Special Teams' blunders were impossible to overcome, especially that horrendous blocked kick: It was a 10-point turnaround, not to mention a savage morale-crusher. And rest assured that nothing on this Earth is 100 percent clean. Are you one of these people who honestly believes that Cats are clean?

Simple mistakes are the difference between winning or losing a football game, particularly a Big game -- read Playoffs, read esp. We are talking about small failures, here -- basic mechanical failures, mental errors and blind spots of memory. I hope not, because you are riding for a serious fall.

This fundamental power still causes a confusing range of reactions from hate to love and back to hate again.

And what does sex have to do with your typical Enlightenment Transmission soul teammate and you? That at least should be the answer but *sigh*, it isn’t.

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