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At first glance, her date, chartered surveyor Gary, is no Mr Darcy, but he assures Nicole that this doesn't make him boring - while he tells her how many bricks make up the restaurant.With Nicole's interest wavering, Gary brings out the big guns: he's a karaoke maestro with a fine line in hip-swivelling songs.As "Dave Days", he quickly attracted enough of an audience to become a You Tube partner (earning income from advertisements) and, after just over a year, had over 200,000 subscribers and over 50 million views.

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megan nicole and dave days dating-8

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If you want to turn heads then a bit of bodycon will go a long way and it's ideal for showing off killer curves.He is best known for his You Tube channel featuring pop-punk covers and parodies of popular songs, as well as original songs.As of April 2017 In middle school, Days started playing in bands.Since my crappy marriage book is coming out in three weeks and it’s about marriage, I’m going to share some of the prenuptial story. ———————– It is a hot and humid, mid-summer afternoon. After going back and forth about “trying the distance thing” we both admitted defeat. I’m ready to be alone and focus on myself for a change. These stories comprised an entire chapter in the book that was cut out… My boyfriend just moved away to California for law school. I find it wrapped inside a smelly wet towel buried in the laundry pile.

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