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Btw, I’m officially ignoring the girl, after all we’re talking about my boyfriend here right, but will include her if mentioned by the others. His partner, Chelsie Hightower, is like a fair-skinned cherub, with a round face and laughing eyes. They may be physical opposites, but Mark and Chelsie have a strange and special bond.

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He was teaching dance when he decided to audition for SYTYCD. He's made several return appearances to SYTYCD, including as an All-Star in Season 7. He started dating fellow dancer Jeremy Hudson in 2009.

Kanemura first graced America's television sets in 2008 as a finalist on FOX's dance competition series, While you'd be hard-pressed to find many of the series' past competitors enjoying anything close to fame, Kanemura hit it big when he landed a gig as a dancer for Gaga at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. He soon danced his way through the videos for 'Telephone,' 'Alejandro,' 'Born This Way,' and 'Judas,' and has been touring with the world's biggest pop star ever since.

Based on a recent appearance that featured him dancing one-on-one with Gaga to her latest single, 'The Edge of Glory,' it's safe to assume there's more half-naked Kanemura in our future. They took me to see the show, and I was so blown away. So my parents were always really supportive of what I wanted to do, which was amazing.

Instead of naming a top 20 to compete in the finals, the show planned on selecting a top 10 - they ended up accepting an extra dancer to create a top 11.

The contestants were informed of their inclusion in the finals by the judges either traveling to each dancer's home or personally telephoning them to reveal their fate.

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