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DETROIT - ESPN plans to lay off 100 on-air personalities and writers, a source familiar with the matter told CNNMoney on Wednesday.The job cuts, including television, radio and online personalities, will be announced Wednesday, and most will take effect immediately, the source said.Streep challenged a “principled press” to stand up to Trump; “to hold power to hold power to account, to call to the carpet for every outrage. Plus, the show — about a young Queen Elizabeth — is pretty good, too. The actor shares a brief story about how aid workers binge-watched The Night Manager while under fire in South Sudan, and expressed how proud he was to be able to provide some small amount of entertainment to people putting themselves in harm’s way. — France is the big winner in the foreign film category, with . — Olivia Coleman wins Best Actress in a Limited Series for . Davis becomes an instant frontrunner to repeat at next month’s Oscars. Full cast and crew onstage to accept, including John Travolta, Sarah Paulson, Cuba Gooding Jr., David Schwimmer and Courtney B. Streep called on Hollywood to support the Committee to Protect Journalists, “because we’re going to need them going forward — and they’ll need us to safeguard the truth.” “Take your broken heart, make it into art,” Streep concluded, quoting the late actress Carrie Fisher. The noise level inside the Beverly Hilton Hotel ballroom is pretty noticeable, even on TV. — Twitter is elated by this kiss between Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield. A humbling speech, and a far cry from traditional awards show acceptance speech virtue-signaling. Acceptance speech: “We wanted to make a film about embracing diversity, even when there are people in the world who want to divide us by embracing fear.” Steve Carrell and Kristen Wiig provide the evening’s first truly funny bit while presenting the award. — Ryan Gosling gets a big win for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy, for For viewers checking out tonight’s broadcast hoping to see some funny bits or some theatrics, or even a slip-up or viral “fail” moment, nothing to report so far.

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And if we kick them all out, you’ll have nothing to watch but football and Mixed Martial Arts, which are not the arts,” she said. And then to lay his life on the line for his brothers. — The Golden Globes is Hollywood’s first major awards season bash and is closely watched by insiders to see how next month’s Oscars will shake out.

Kind of an uneventful Golden Globes, to say the least.

“There was nothing good about it, but it did its job,” the actress said. — Sofia Vergara jokes about not being able to pronounce the word “annual,” instead pronouncing it “anal,” and then “anus,” while introducing Miss Golden Globes. — Hugh Laurie wins his third Golden Globe, Best Supporting Actor in a TV Series, Limited Series or TV Movie, for his role in . And another: the votes tonight will be tallied by “Ernst and Young and Putin.” P. — Showtime in 10 minutes as most of the celebrities have already headed inside. Early winners seem to include Mandy Moore, Natalie Portman, Ruth Negga and Tracee Ellis Ross. Still, Fallon has promised plenty of jokes about President-elect Donald Trump.

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