Kim zolciak is dating big poppa

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She divorced him after three months because she said he was cheated on her.

What is true is that Zolciak does have major coin (she seems to be the only Atlanta “housewife” not scraping by with the skin of their Bravo paycheck, reportedly 0,000 for each girl in Season 2), and she’s repeatedly said on television it all came from Big Poppa, who has been identified as Lee Najjar, an Atlanta real estate mogul.

She dates a man named Big Poppa who provides a nice lifestyle for her and her two daughters Ariana and Brielle.

Nene is married to a man named Gregg and has two sons named Bryson and Brentt. Kim eventually meets a man named Kroy and the two have two boys together named KJ and Kash.

During the series the two have issues and get divorced. Kim befriends Kandi and even produces a single with her.

In a recent interview Kim indicated that she’d like to see Biermann get into broadcasting or even coaching.

But it seems Biermann has other ideas and taking on a job coaching an NFL team would be just too much for him. Is it beneath Kroy Biermann to go from NFL player to coaching?

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