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Update Star includes support for many languages such as English, German, French, Italian, Hungarian, Russian and many more.You can choose your language settings from within the program.Three years ago I wrote an article for the TESL-EJ September 2003 issue on the topic of using computer voice chat programs for speaking practice.In the time since that article appeared, a number of advances have occurred.This year’s Nativity crib is just as magnificent as previous years. Johnson brought forth a Nativity scene to remind all Parishioners what the real meaning of Christmas is - A Child born to Save us all from our worldly pains and difficulties, A Child born to Sacrifice himself for all of us, A Child born to bring hope to the hopeless, A Child born to bring peace to the World we live in.“When I started the work, the first thing that I did was to go to St Joseph’s statue which stands in his special place in Church and I prayed to St.I asked him to hold my hands as I worked to bring the Nativity Scene into making.” Throughout Advent, candles, the Nativity scene and other symbols remind us that the wonder of Christmas is coming upon us once again.Beyond the tinkling bells and singing carols in our malls, synonymous with the secular Christmas , Catholics need to see this special day as something even grander: Jesus’ arrival.

To explore the potential of this new resource for second language learning, we reviewed six free programs for Windows and Macintosh computers that permit synchronous audio (and some video) communication via the Internet.

However, textbook dialogs and grammar exercises may be unnatural or lack examples of current English usage.

As Lightbown (1992) states: In being exposed to comprehensible samples of the language, the learner (whether in the classroom or elsewhere) inevitably forms some idea of what the patterns of the language are.

Chats can happen via instant messaging software, via a VOIP software (many users of Skype, for instance, use it mostly for text-based chats), via an online chat room reserved for just such an activity or via a live-blogging site like Twitter (messages on Twitter are called tweets). By contrast, a live micro-blogging event via Twitter could be available to anyone who follows any participant or that uses a particular tag. The culture of a chat is fast, with short comments coming in quickly and constant.

It's much more like a face-to-face discussion than other written communications, and comments happen even faster than during video or telephone conferences.

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