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This enraged 0x Omar, who press release he had a million in total.

He also posted his email address, which I emailed this afternoon.

CEO and Founder Joe Kalfatells No Camels about founding Deyoon in February: “I just figured that there had to be a better way for people to discuss and engage around issues, beyond a 140 character tweet or comments on You Tube and Facebook.” “On Deeyoon, we can debate anything: Politics, Sports, UFOs, Chocolate vs. Once users create an account using their Facebook login, they are taken to a Deeyon web dashboard which has three pages, “Trending Debates,” “Live Debates,” and “Available Debates.” There is also fourth option, to create your own debate.

I have documents of Israeli companies who build jammers and military survellance.

"It will be so fun to see 400,000 Israelis stand in line outside banks and offices of credit card companies to complain that their cards had been stolen," he wrote. I used Remote File Inclusion, Local File Inclusion, SQL injection, Arbitrary File Upload, Oracle Padding Attack...

But credit card companies said the leak was seriously padded—only about 15,000 numbers were valid.

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