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I don't mean the "defrag local files" option within steam. now you can have an extra 10 minutes of pointlessly validating files EVERY TIME you want to play a quick game.

It seems with every update Valve introduce, they make the game a little less stable. I don't mean the "defrag local files" option within steam. For the love of God, move TF2 to the new content system already so we can stop worrying about these stupid gcfs. Fixes not working and silence from developers, while cosmetic updates keep coming :(I have done everything suggested in this thread, it only happens to TF2 and never finds any integrity violations... This began a while ago with a fabulous update to the steam client, NOT the game, I'd say somewhere around the time before the layed out the new community navigation controls. I even did a clean reinstall of TF2 (albeit for a different reason) and upon completing installation, it immediately started validating.

I'm trying to play Team Fortress 2 with some friends of mine, but haven't logged on in some time to update it.

It finished downloading, and it started validating the files.

I don't have to wait long for the "close" button to appear but I'm rather sick and tired of having to wait 5 minutes to play a game that should start in less than 1 minute. I've tried everything apart from deleting and re-downloading my game files and nothing works. This issue was mentioned since quite a while from many users and still nothing.

Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. So I tried to play TF2 on my computer which is offline, because there's no internet connection upstairs.It occurred to me that the reason why my Steam validation was getting rejected was because the game "thought" I was already in the server. So instead I used the "retry" console command and I rejoined the server without issue. I fixed it by deleting everything in the Steam folder except for Steamapps, and then running Steam again. It said: validating files 100% cache 0 files out of 1 tf2 file 1 out of 1 100% And then it would remain at 100% for, as far as I know, hours. Mac OS 10.5.8 Edit: Although I'm pretty certain that the 30 MB was for the update and not related to this 'cache' problem. Try letting it fully validate, then restarting Steam. I've tried this also, it doesn't work and still happens on reboot. When Steam is off, run ‘gcfdefrag.bat’ and it will defrag all your GCF game files. v=ccmo To Ug Epo)Every time I launch it for the first time after my computer has booted up, it seems to force itself to validate. However, I usually leave my computer in sleep mode, and when I launch TF2 in the morning, it has to validate files. Every time I launch it for the first time in the day, it validates. Every time I launch it for the first time after my computer has booted up, it seems to force itself to validate. It seems there is nothing else I can do on my end to fix, it is an issue with either Steam or TF2, most likely TF2 since no other game does this.correct me if I am wrong, didn't there used to be user based support forums on the steam forum? Sent in a ticket to Valve, and their solution was deleting the blob... I would love to se a fix-proper for this issue, especially considering validation is like a 15 minute process (and the %complete inaccurately represents the actual progress)Odd.

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