How is katy perry dating

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“They were kissing and holding hands and dancing together the entire time,” their source said.

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When reports surfaced last year that her then-boyfriend Orlando Bloom was dating Selena Gomez, Perry attempted to shut down the chatter by redirecting fans to news of Bloom’s charitable work for UNICEF.

She’s surely aware of her looks and that’s why she appears often on the stage in costumes with deep cleavages.

Her hourglass shaped figure consists of wide hips, slim waist and big natural breasts. Recently, she posed for Max magazine wearing only vintage inspired lingerie with cone cups, purple boa, and black stockings.

Dude believed he’d been talking to Katy Perry online for six years and fell in love with her. He started conversing with “Katy” on an app and trusted whoever the fuck made the account when he asked them to confirm that they were in fact pop star Katy Perry.

Spencer even fell hard enough to make a ring of his dear Grandma’s emerald stone and a quarter of his life savings.

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