Google finance recent quotes not updating

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There are commercial add-ins that can download historical stock quotes into Excel and provide tools for analyzing the information, creating charts, and providing oodles of technical analysis functions.This page describes using Excel web queries to get simple refreshable stock quotes in Excel.The difference is that Yahoo is showing the unadjusted price that the security traded for on that date, while google is adjusting for price splits.This means that Google is showing how much you would have had to pay to get what is now one share.

It’s not just that Google Finance has barely evolved since it was first launched in 2006, when its closest competitor, Yahoo Finance was already nearly a decade old and beloved by most retail investors.The stock split 3-for-1, and the price dropped from 108 to 36.38. Hence why this doesn't match either the Google or Yahoo numbers.Yahoo's adjusted close column has not been accurate since they re-wrote the Finance website. I work on a buy-side firm, so I know how these small data issues can drive us crazy.Dukascopy Download historical and intraday quotes data.Was working on a different question to ask on here, and realized I might be completely wrong when I realized the historical data on Yahoo and Google are completely different. And to confirm I understood Google right I went into their actual Historical price lookup: Does anyone know which is correct? And don't get me started on how for some securities there are gaps in the graph (literally missing lots of trading days in some cases) or the fact that you can't scroll back very far even though the slider makes it look like you should.

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