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The United States of America is the third largest country in the world, and is made up of fifty states each with their own unique personality.

The place that has given us Rock and Roll, Mickey Mouse, and Coca Cola (to name just a few things)...

De Canadese band Holy Fuck maakt naast normale muziekinstrumenten net zo makkelijk gebruik van bijvoorbeeld een 35mm filmprojector of een geweer voor hun intelligente, instrumentale electrorock.

Met een geluid dat zowel ritmisch als chaotisch is, krijgt Holy Fuck sinds 2004 dansvloeren over de hele wereld in beweging.

Work began on building a church in Market Street in 1895.

Jennifer provides the filmclips, the pens, and the discussion. In this beginner’s workshop, award-winning filmmaker Jennifer Lyon Bell of Blue Artichoke Films (Netherlands/USA) gives you the tools to plan and create your very own porn movie – whether you later decide to pick up a camera and do it, or whether you just like knowing that you could. Jennifer will give you exercises to tweak your erotic imagination and help you decide what you’d personally love to see on film, no matter how soft or hard. • Tips and tricks – Jennifer is a filmmaker herself, and has also heard the inside scoop from lots of other porn directors.

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION Imagine a perfect porn film, designed with your own erotic tastes and quirks in mind. • Translating to film – Jennifer will show you some porn genres and styles to help you choose how you want express your idea. She’ll share secret tips for Beginners on what to do and what to avoid when making your movie. Jennifer strives to create a safe, non-judgmental place where you can explore your wildest ideas.

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