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There are several groups that meet these criteria; ammonites, trilobites, corals, for example.Next, you need a location where the fossils are between two layers that can be dated.This date marks the end of the Cenozoic Era and the Pleistocene Period on the geologic time scale.Paleontologists consider materials younger than 10,000 years ago “recent”.I happened to catch a great tweet by Michael Shermer.Apparently there was some back and forth about some fossils with Carl Zimmer.By analyzing animal or plant fossils, we can extract data and learn much more about their biology and behavior. There are several ways in which paleontologists study fossils to determine their age and other factors. Plant and animals are turned into fossils in a variety of ways.One of the most common ways is when a living creature dies, over time it is buried by layers of sediment.

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That rock layer is x millions of years old because of the fossils in it.

Although many people think that fossils are only bones, they can also be several other things, including prints, pieces of plants, nests, eggs, and animal droppings.

Fossils are fascinating because they are clues to the past.

Over thousands of years, the sediment becomes very hard and turns into rock.

In this way, the fossil seems to be embedded in rock.

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