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As if on cue, a police siren outside the church briefly interrupted the sermon.

"I swear to God — I swear — that wasn't rehearsed," quipped Shershanovich. Marshall Council 103, representing the city's four Catholic churches, hosted the Berkshires first Blue Mass since Most. Timothy Mc Donnell reinstated them in Western Massachusetts more than a decade ago. — more than 1,000 police and fire personnel were in attendance.

The NLMA might have called their segment “Better Living through Chemicals.” They predicted foresters would use radioactive materials, hormones, and “other stimulating substances” to do things like pre-season the wood, make it fire resistant, and even change the color of the wood while the tree is still growing.

When organizations like the Forest History Society hold on to those documents, it’s easy to look back at them and assess how close to (or far from) the mark the writer was. w=300" data-large-file=" w=500&h=327" alt="Logger of the future" width="500" height="327" srcset=",

The leather helmet is an international symbol of firefighters dating to the early years of firefighting. It doesn't have the warehouse look or feel, which is a welcome change for older, larger, re-purposed spaces.

I was impressed with the menu.clean, wholesome food for a tavern. Firstly, I only took away a star because the service was lacking compared to normal.

If you put him with a group of firefighters, he would be the last one to leave.

He loved it that much.""He really tried to help the area better itself," St. "He did a lot for the community, and he never expected anything in return.

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