Fabolous who is he dating who is andrew garfield dating 2016

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this season of #Fettys WAPs is already driving us all NUTS 😩 This latest break up has been really hard for the RONI's😂 But it's gonna be ok guys….

"I've kept in touch with Maney, Lau Ren and especially Roy, who are the hosts of the morning show at Kiss 95.1, where I interned," she tells the camera.

I feel like I helped him…He’s a trendsetter, he’s one of the most stylish men in Hip-Hop and I feel like I was a a part of that. I took pride in that and I feel like if I had to play the background, to where he’s at then I was fine with that.

I didn’t need to be in the spotlight because he’s the star, not me.”In addition to speaking on Fab, Emily made mention that the mother of Diddy’s son Justin, Misa Hylton, was originally cast to star in the show alongside Olivia and Chrissy Lampkin.

And yes, she's filming for #LHH 😴 she's been doing that for a while💅🏾 We didn't want to spoil the surprise for you guys 😂😩❤️ #Tea TENDERS #Fettys WAPs A post shared by Tea TENDERS LLC (@teatenders__) on Blu unfollowed us because we keep posting about Alexis 😂💙 But Alexis hasn't unfollowed us yet 😎💅🏾 Soooooo …lets give it up for all the original WAPS💪🏾😅 That stuck with us through thick and thin 🙏🏾😆 #Alexis Sky #Lezhae Zeona and Yaya ….

Sika ain't ready for the WAP life, and Blu still has a LONG way to go ☝🏾️😴 Whew!

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