Elizabeth gillies and eric nelsen dating

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In 2012, Jason Robert Brown collaborated with The National Youth Music Theatre to cast and direct his own version of "13" in London's West End, with six performances from 22nd August 2012 at the Apollo Theatre Shaftesbury Avenue.

Sofia played the part of Charlotte, a popular cheerleader, in the musical.

The 23 years’ old Elizabeth Gillies has an obsession with miniskirts by the day and bikinis by the pool.

Gillies loves taking photos in the beaches, especially when she is in a sexy flaunting bikini and well-tanned.

You can still be a fan but I think that you're not a true fan if you don't respect her. There are probably millions of people around the world dating older or younger people.

Mike's a nice guy and if he makes Liz happy, then I'm fine with them dating. You need to be with Avan or Matt" I get some of you are Elatt fans or Elavan fans or Eleon fans but it's Liz's life and she can do whatever she wants. I get you people do but it wouldn't be fair for Liz or Mike if people went around saying mean things like that.

Her first television role was as a recurring character in The Black Donnellys.

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), sometimes known as Liz Gillies, is an American actress and singer.

In 2010, Gillies was cast as bad girl and occasional antagonist Jade West in the Nickelodeon television show Victorious, a sitcom revolving around teenagers at a performing arts-based high school in Hollywood.

This marked her second time working alongside 13 co-star Ariana Grande.

- FYr98RE/1 There has been rumors about Liz Gillies dating Mike Backhouse from the Backhouse Mike and she's been putting some photos on tumblr of his dog, him and his dog or with her and him.

If you were a fan of her, then you would respect who she's dating instead of saying 'No! She needs to be with Matt or Avan or Leon.' I'm not saying that if you don't respect her, then you're not a fan.

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