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Egyptian officials have denounced the attacks and Pope Francis sent his "deep condolences." Egypt's President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi met his counterpart and admirer Donald Trump in Washington Monday for a "reboot" of relations following years of tension with the American president's predecessor.

If only passports could talk, they would have stories to tell.

You know, it's the system in England, asking for coffee, because it's considered vulgar to ask for sex." "But what happened? It is British women who taught me the idea of giving pleasure." His voice raised in enthusiasm as he pointed a finger at his forehead.

"One woman taught me how to use your mind to control yourself--she said, look, just concentrate! Now, I can resist for about an hour." "And Egyptian women? "They're all circumcised here, so when you sleep with a woman, it's like sleeping with a piece of wood.

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In 2011, when hundreds of thousands took to the streets and deposed Mubarak, many involved in the protests finally thought they would get real change.

You know, I think it's going to be coffee," Mike says earnestly, the sun setting in the desert hills behind him, with the Valley of the Kings just beyond. --but more drinks--and she comes close to me and starts touching me, and says she likes me." "And what did you do?

" "Well, I explain to her that in Egypt, we don't use this system of coffee.

I begin to slide it in out and of me, going in deep first, then slowly out.

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