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I'm very much a family person and would like a family of my own one day.

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I definately enjoy the simple things in life such as going out to eat , movies, theme parks, taking walks outside ... The important thing is just Being able to smile, laugh, and enjoy what you're doing . Also someone who is well liked by my family and friends and gets along with everyone would also like them to have good morals and would like a family in the near future.I like watching comedy, drama, romance movies like bewitched, where the heart is, The beautician and the beast, Father of the bride 1 and 2 My Girl 1and 2, You've Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle.Travelled well, well educated, proud of my backgrounds (Japanese and Korean) and being an Australian.I am grateful to grew up in both eastern and western environments with appreciations for both cultures, have good manners, appreciate good friends and conversations, LOVE being affectionate and ROMANCE.

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