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He kissed Ellen Page to make it seem to the projections in the dream that they were a couple.

He thought that, by kissing her, the projections would stop staring at them.

page is ready to get back to the garden, gordon-levitt is reaching toward new technology for the promise of a new connectivity between performer and audience.-levitt, 29, grew up in sherman oaks and, from age 15 to 20, in front of america thanks to “3rd rock from the sun,” the loopy alien sitcom that ran for six seasons.

production required gordon-levitt to do grueling combat scenes in a spinning corridor, and he finished some days bruised and battered.

"I think that I could partner up with somebody — I don't know who that somebody is — I could partner up with a woman and commit to we're going to raise a family and that's a project we're going to commit to for 20-something years," he said.

"I like to not be too committed to any one future that's really far away, necessarily, unless there's a reason, which is why I'm saying if you're gonna raise a family...

It gets what it is like to receive a horrific diagnosis out of the blue, the numbness and shock of dealing with it, the well meaning friends and acquaintances who say the stupidest things ("every time I feel sorry for myself, I just think of you..."), and those friends who really become your rock as you go through the miasma of treatment and try to still make your life have meaning. Joseph Gordon Levitt and Seth Rogen deserve high praise for the honesty that they bring to their performances. This is a quiet film but it packs a great deal of power. PHOTOS: Top 14 couples of 2014 "I think I'm a pretty good person and a good boyfriend. The actor secretly wed his girlfriend Tasha Mc Cauley at their home on Saturday, Dec. PHOTOS: Celebrity weddings in 2014 The star, 33, is notorious for keeping his personal life extremely private, revealing only for the first time back in September 2013 that he had someone special in his life.Yeah, I just wouldn't want to be with someone who was disrespectful to me," he said to Howard Stern, without identifying his love."[She's] not in show business." PHOTOS: Secret weddings The actor also opened up about marriage, and whether or not he could stay in a monogamous relationship.

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