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Depending on the context, men and women can experience social consequences if their act of infidelity becomes public.The form and extent of these consequences are often dependent on the gender of the unfaithful person.One comedian lampooned the power of statistics with the phrase "Seventy six percent of all statistics are made up on the spot!" Even the famous author Mark Twain was skeptical of the usefulness of the numbers, saying there were three kinds of untuths: "Lies, damn lies, and statistics!Given the secretive nature of infidelity, exact figures about cheating and extra-marital affairs are nearly impossible to establish.But listed below are some of the most well-supported facts about cheating." When it comes to infidelity, statistics become even more suspect, because of the inherent secrecy and guilt involved.Only someone who was guaranteed anonymity would be honest about whether or not they'd had an affair. What if you never actually DO anything..are emotionally unfaithful?

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One measure of infidelity among couples is the frequency of children secretly conceived with a different partner, leading to "non-paternities".

Such covertly illegitimate children amount to about 1–2% of newborns in European populations.

In marital relationships, exclusivity expectations are commonly assumed although they are not always met.

When they are not met, research has found that psychological damage can occur, including feelings of rage and betrayal, lowering of sexual and personal confidence, and damage to self-image.

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