Dating historical house construction

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When we were framing, a carpenter found a British coin on the front sill dated 1739.

King George II is on one side and a woman on the other.

This includes the year it was built, names of the architect and builder, the materials used, the cost to build, additions and changes over time. Corroboration Gathering facts that confirm (or refute) the theories generated by Investigation.

The inquiry will have two stages: Investigation and Corroboration. Investigation Tracking down clues directly connected with the physical structure, architecture, or construction.

That's Anne Gunnison, left behind as a life-long tenant in my humble little worker's cottage, when her father, a blacksmith named William Gunnison and his wife Hannah, sold this house in 1839 to James Post, a mariner, and his family.

This sale carried the condition that Anne would continue to live in the front chamber with cellar privileges for her wood and garden privileges for her vegetables for the rest of her natural life.

As I attempt to revive this neglected 18th Century New England colonial, I'm rather obsessed with the lives lived here long ago.

So one day in March, when my son Jude didn't have college classes, I played hookey and we did a little more research on our house.

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Two buildings in Fleet Street, the former Union Bank by George Aitchison Sr of 1856 and the former Legal and General Insurance Office of 1885 by Sir Robert Edis.For example, red brick frontages began to appear in the 1880s, becoming common to most standards of house only in the 1890s. Focussing on the overall style gives an unreliable date; some styles such as Queen Anne were popular for long periods, and others came and went in popularity.stove crane that still is part of the fireplace in my front parlor.Some houses have a recognisable style; they have clear Georgian, Gothic or Arts and Crafts features, for example. But many buildings, particularly more modest houses, have an eclectic mix of features.These are dateable by looking at individual elements.

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