Dating a man with erectile dysfunction

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Losing my erections forced me to rethink my sexuality.

It helped me make the vital shift from focusing on my own technique to focusing on sharing pleasure. I’m not talking about men who have serious medical problems that make it impossible to get erections without pharmaceutical help.

The only treatment that might help is an experimental procedure in Israel that is not even approved in the US yet.

But for all I know I may be like this for the rest of my life.

This is an extremely scary, confusing time for your guy and it’s no wonder the nature of your relationship has changed.

You’re doing the right thing in being supportive, understanding, and trying to give him space while still letting him know you enjoy and want to spend more time with him.

I’ve been dating this guy for the past six months and he’s been experiencing some problems with erectile dysfunction ever since we started having sex, about two months ago.

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When I am dating I also don't know how to bring this up, but its not like I can hide it forever. It can "cure" many different physical problems and it works.I had my current lover in my bed much earlier tonight when our focus was interrupted by my housemate’s daughter howling and wailing uncontrollably in the front room, as an exasperated babysitter tried fruitlessly to calm her.Granted, it is certainly understandable to lose your attention in such a predicament, though it really just served as a reasonable excuse for me to mask the second issue, which was the real reason we hadn’t already conducted our coupling an hour or so earlier.We still have sexual contact, even if he doesn’t necessarily get off or get hard.We work part-time together and when I see him at work, he’s very attentive, but the problem is he rarely contacts me anymore outside of work and when he does he says strange things like “I don’t deserve you,” or “I miss you,” but doesn’t ask to see me until I bring it up.

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