Code for validating date in javascript

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Through Java Script, we can validate name, password, email, date, mobile number etc fields.In this example, we are going to validate the name and password.options can be either a date string in the format of YYYY-MM-DD or a Date object.If the form need to validate start and end date, you should take a look at the Validating fields that depend on each other or Compraing dates example. If, for example you want to make an event for january 2015 and it's currently december 2014, this would be flagged as invalid.Perhaps this was for a specific case but in general, any future year should be a valid [email protected] Thanks Michael (it looks was copy paste :))[email protected] returned param ret is true or false and that's enough.

We've given our buttons values of "7", "8" and so on.The following example shows how you can do this for the mm/dd/yyyy format.We have also provided the javascript date validation for the dd/mm/yyyy format.After unzipping the file you can install it with the Breezingforms package installer and choose the script from the validation library as usual.Please make sure that the format in your calendar looks like this: %m-%d-%Y Besides this you can use the following code directly as custom validation script in your element: This example is for the js calendar date pattern (MM-DD-YYYY), therefore the javascript above might be slightly different for other patterns, for instance if you want another seperator.

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