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’ If he’s in fact gay, that’s a lesson Chace Crawford—the dashing, engrossed young man at the premiere—may do well to heed.” Enjoying a conversation with another man certainly doesn’t make one homosexual, and having seen Mr.

So fellow DLers (I'm talking to you hot gay guys): the bf and I just finished dining at an English pub with some real great guys who are down-to-earth, and although connected, nice and sincere.

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But we're getting there when it won't matter and people just naturally "come out" with no issues, like any straight, hot heterosexual man would. Who do we have to thank for this too pretty, pretty boy look in hollywood?

Christopher Chace Crawford (Lubbock (Texas), 18 juli 1985) is een Amerikaans acteur.

Although he didn’t achieve overnight success with this he did appear in local productions and met and became engaged to Sunny Mabrey – an actress from his native Alabama – although they later split. It just fit.” The change of name worked and finally in 2001 he was offered the lead role in the independent drama ‘Gas Station Jesus’ and a guest role in ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’; a recurring role on ‘Roswell’ soon followed.

Hij twijfelde tussen adverteren, zaken en communicatie.

Tijdens zijn tweede jaar aan zijn studie moedigde zijn moeder hem aan om acteur te worden.

After 4 years with little success he changed his acting name to Clayne Crawford in honor of an ancestor named Clan and his hometown of Clay. A supporting role in 2002’s touching teen drama ‘A Walk to Remember’ saw Crawford portraying the best friend left behind when Shane West’s bad boy does a 180 and starts dating a conscientious minister’s daughter. I’d love to work with the greats like Sean Penn, Gary Oldman, the Coen brothers, Brad Pitt.

His first studio film, ‘A Walk to Remember’ would serve as Crawford’s breakthrough, while the Miramax teen stalker pic ’Swimfan’ (also 2002) helped to solidify the actor’s status as one to watch. But mostly I just want to keep working so I don’t have to go back to the bricks” More films followed including ‘A Love Song for Bobby Long’ and ‘The Great Raid’ as well as a recurring role in the first season of ‘Jericho’ and guest roles in programs such as ‘Life’, ‘CSI Miami’, ‘Criminal Minds’ and ‘Cold Case’ It was the role of Kevin Wade during Season 8 of 24 that bought Clayne to a much wider audience.

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