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The work usually given the distinction of being the earliest extant American woman's diary is the 1704 travel journal of Madam Sarah Kemble Knight—who, ironically, was a neighbor of Mehetabel's in New London.Knight's original manuscript, however, was claimed to have been destroyed by fire in the 1840s by the editor of the first published edition, Theodore Dwight Jr., and recent scholarship suggests that Dwight altered the manuscript for publication (see Peter Benes, "Another Look at Madam Knight," in 2 vols., ed. Mary Beth Norton has notably written about inauthentic colonial women's diaries in "Getting to the Source: Hetty Shepard, Dorothy Dudley, and Other Fictional Colonial Women I Have Come to Know Altogether Too Well," 7.The AEA team ensures that the client’s event is indeed “Always an Affair to Remember!” The YVAs was born out of our appreciation for our culture of music, dance and entertainment!"A Meditation, or Poem…," page one of poem written by Elizabeth Douglas Chandler (1641-1705), ca. Courtesy of Manuscripts and Archives, Yale University Library, New Haven, Connecticut. were both published in 1895 by Bulletin Print of Norwich, Connecticut, and are available in many university libraries.Mehetabel's diary remains in family hands, but two of her letters, as well as the other family writings, are located in the Gilman Family Papers, Manuscripts and Archives, Yale University Library.The range of possible applications is wide: Please contact us and let us advise you of the details, without any obligations.We will inform you in detail about the technical requirements and camera types supported (AXIS, Basler, Brickcom, Vivotek, and much more).

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