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This cam pans about 120 degrees from the fever trees just to the left of the hippo pool all the way upriver to “Basking Beach.” The view overlaps with that of the African River Wildlife Camera, but with a lower angle.

African Animal Facts Africa is home to some of the most diverse wildlife on Earth; there are more than one million species of animals on this continent of 11 million square miles.

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The charging itself should be pretty rapid, with a quick charging block included in the box - we're going to be testing this out soon to see if it can really match up to Sony's claims of five and half hours of use with just 10 minutes of being plugged in, as that sounds like quite a lofty number.

In terms of real world usage, I'm still sceptical of Sony's claims of longer battery life - the phone doesn't like to have the screen turned on a lot, with the charge seeming to drop a little too quickly given Sony believes it's one of the better options on the market.

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Fuji's array of Film Simulations and Grain Effects can also be used here, for both photo and video shoots.

It's only got a 2620m Ah battery, which places it far behind the leading pack of top smartphones - if you're buying this phone as a budget-conscious purchase, the One Plus 3 might be a better bet as it's much cheaper and has a larger battery pack…

Although in our testing the lab results were relatively similar.

Everybody seems to know what the next big camera from Fuji will be.

Now that the X-Pro2 is out and performing admirably, we’re waiting on the X-T2.

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