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Kuteera: Initiated in 2001 in Vemgal, Kolar, a rural community about 60 kilometers out of Bangalore, Kuteera (meaning The Refuge) is a safe and secure shelter for women victims and survivors of violence.

It is a space where women can heal and find the strength to live independent, creative, lives free from violence.

The women who reach out to us for support are from all communities and classes, rural and urban - for domestic violence is an issue that does cut across all barriers.

The follow up to each case, apart from the counseling and direct intervention is equally intensive and therefore takes a long time.

To get a job for the woman, to find admission for child/children in orphanages where the mother is not able to look after them, visit them in their houses after compromise is done, to provide medical treatment, like involving them in other meetings, awareness / sharing programmes, finding shelter etc.

At any given point of time we are responding to about 400-450 women and families who approach us to help them.

The Google OS has a mascot, Bugdroid, which looks like a somewhat evolved relative of R2D2; hemisphere-headed, but with antennae and limbs. For Bangalore Pride, it busted out the rainbow colors. (Its verdict is expected in the winter of 2013 before the senior judge hearing the case retires.) Other talk was common to pride marches everywhere: “I’m just not sure that this kind of display is the most effective way to make the public understand. I liked that the group from IBM, the Employee Association for Gay & Lesbian Advancement, call themselves E. Here another principle of corporate ops: act boring while you change everything. I’ll be there in a minute, five minutes.” “We’re at the Goldman banner! It’s good to learn that the firm supports its queer consultants, as part of its broader undertaking in India to promote queer-inclusive workplaces.

And the best part is, if you by all means fail to score a sex date, the auto app deletes all personal data in less than an hour.

But not every parade reveals a whole new sexual category before it’s over. This basic message of Bangalore Pride has been affirmed over five years of marches, while other messages, more specific to policy, have risen or fallen in amplitude. And they’re like pose, pose, pose— I mean, come on ya, is this an event to support queers or to support photojournalists? Each of the corporations has an in-house network of LGBT workers, and funds its participation in Pride events across India, or even as far afield as San Francisco. E., bringing some of that corporate animality to the usually mild lexicon of gay rights.

At Bangalore Pride 2012, which was held last November, I overheard for the first time the term “Androidgyny.” That’s “androgyny” fused with “Android”: capital-A, meaning not a generic humanoid robot but the Google smartphone operating system. The demand to revise a 19th-century law, still used to criminalize homosexual acts, had made a major noise in previous years, but this year it was inaudible, as the matter was before the Supreme Court and the queer rights movement in India is nothing if not judicially savvy. Their banners reared up over the rest of the neon procession, like brassy chariots behind the foot soldiers. The deputation from Goldman Sachs was called, simply, the LGBT Network, and their banner said, simply, “PRIDE,” in a font commonly seen on boxes of spreadsheet software. ” It could have meant a lot of things, at a queer pride march, but it turned out to mean this, and we ended up trailing behind the Goldman banner for six kilometers: plenty of time in which to wonder why it was there.

And lez.” So it came to be that the singular message broadcast by last year’s Pride was the support for gay rights in the corporate new economy. And not just because of the eminence of the software and outsourced services industries here; this is the only major Pride March in India that permits groups to display corporate branding.

Watching the investment bank proclaim its integrity on sexual rights was like sitting with an abusive uncle at lunch and having him lecture you about sustainable energy. If only Goldman could repackage social attitudes the way they repackaged derivatives: the firm might redeem the word “fabulous” from what was done to it by its most famous employee, “Fabulous” Fabrice Tourre.

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