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The benefits of the platform, Sara says, are twofold.

If, say, in the United States, you enroll in an Arabic class, you will most likely be learning modern standard Arabic, “which is a type of Arabic that is the equivalent of Shakespearean English,” Sara says.

And for the refugees, Na Takallam offers a path toward the minimum wage or more–which is particularly significant for refugees in Lebanon, who are often not allowed to work.

But when Sara sent a survey around the 55 refugees currently employed as “conversation partners” through Na Takallam in January, she learned that the most important aspect of the startup for them “is being connected to people around the world, making friends, and changing the often false and unfair narrative around what it means to be a refugee.”Since the Syrian Civil War began in 2011, nearly 5 million Syrians have been forced to flee from their home country.

Tunisian Arabic's morphology, syntax, pronunciation, and vocabulary are quite different from Modern Standard Arabic or Classical Arabic.

However, code-switching between Tunisian Arabic and modern standard Arabic is mainly done by more educated and upper-class people and has not negatively affected the use of more recent French and English loanwords in Tunisian.

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