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A warrant for Finney's arrest had been issued in January, after police learned about the bestiality video featuring the 33-year-old.At around 9pm on Sunday, officers went to Finney's home at 1125 Ward Street Northwest and found her hiding in the basement and crying.Afterwards, she noticed that her email had been accessed and her sexually explicit video was sent to an email believed to belong to the store employee.He was arrested and charged with offenses against computer users and scheme to defraud.

A married woman in Kenya, Afiya Aleela, has been caught stuck inside his lover, Amanika Busara, while they were having sex in a hotel Explor-Inn hetole Bar. In a video gun viral on social media, the duo were unable to control the pain that came with their embarrassing situation as they are carried about the area.

According to a report by WKBN-TV, Finney told police the recording was a fake and that she had been drugged with something slipped into her drink.

Police first learned about the incident on January 24 when they began receiving complaints from Internet users claiming to have seen the video that featured Finney allegedly performing sex acts on a dog.

- A T-Mobile employee was arrested Friday after police say he sent himself a sexually explicit video of a customer. North in Pinellas Park, a woman walked in hoping to have her phone fixed.

She gave it to the employee, 25-year-old Roberto Sanchez-Ramos, with the understanding that he would reboot and reactivate the service on her phone.

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